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Could you worship God without the Liturgy? Without Hymns? Without the Lectionary? Without Icons?

That's why I am asking for your financial support to help.

Right now, 2000 of the remaining Orthodox in China face each day without the benefit of having the liturgy, hymns and lectionary readings that is faithful to the Greek Old or New Testaments. The Orthodox Fellowship of All Saints of China has developed a unique team of Orthodox clergy and expert translators to publish Orthodox texts in modern Chinese.

Finding the people with the time and talent to take on the difficult task of translating Orthodox liturgy, prayers and the scripture into authentic Orthodox and understandable modern Chinese was difficult. But thanks to God's Grace and the work of the Holy Spirit, the OFASC has been formed and is active.

Our mission is to help Orthodoxy in the Chinese world through the translation of Orthodox texts into modern Chinese and distributing them around the world.

The OFASC work is to accelerate the development and promotion of faithful and reliable translations of Orthodox texts into modern Chinese. The OFASC has the blessings of Orthodox Churches of various jurisdictions and the personal commitment of time, talent and financial resources.

We Orthodox are faced with endless demands to do the work of the Lord. OFASC has solved the difficult task of defining the need and the most cost effective solution for Orthodox texts for the Orthodox in China. We invite you to help us implement our plans.

We need to raise $100,000 to fund the translation and publication of the following texts:

The publication of the texts in print and online through http://www.3yaly.com will allow thousands of Chinese Orthodox to be spiritually nourished and worship in their native language.

Mail in the attached reply form today with your most generous tax-deductible contribution. For added convenience, you can make an immediate one time online donation below.

Thank you,

Mitrophan Chin
Orthodox Fellowship of All Saints of China
mitrophan@orthodox.cn, 857-829-1569

P.S. For a limited time with your donation as selection and quantity is limited, request a free 4x5cm self-standing metal-mounted icon print or Chinese Martyrs laminated icon, sent to the recipient of your choice with acknowledgement of your donation.

Online Donation

Support the activities of the Orthodox Fellowship of All Saints of China, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation and 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) public charity (DLN: 17053332027026, Employer ID: 20-5848874). All donations made in the U.S. are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged.

You may use your credit card via the donation service below which uses a Paypal business account to accept secure payment drawn from your credit card or bank account, and a merchant fee of 2.9%+ $0.30 USD will be deducted from your donation. Please indicate where you want your donation to be applied towards, e.g. Where the Need is Greatest, Chinese Translation, Online Seminary, Book Publishing, Magazine Publishing or OFASC Development Cost. You do not need to set up a paypal account to use your credit card. Alternatively, please mail in a check or money order.

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Alternatively, you can help with online fundraising where firstgiving.com deducts 4.5% processing fee from each donation.

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